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Sendmail, password-like file and SASL2.

środa, 6 lutego, 2008

As I have promised I am posting a patch that allows SASL2 to use password like file (eg. /etc/passwd-mail). After applying this patch we need to perform some dirty hacks: * You need to install automake 1.7.2 * Enter saslauthd directory in SASL sources. * Run automake 1.7.2 there. And then configure. Why? Because none of ...

Sendmail, Dovecot and passwd-like file.

wtorek, 5 lutego, 2008

Programming: Klupek Evil plan: Platyna How to use Sendmail and passwd like file (like /etc/passwd-mail)? Here it is: sendmail-pwlike-maildb.patch Next we are h4x0ring Before MAILER(local)dnl: define(`LOCAL_MAILER_PATH',`/usr/libexec/dovecot/deliver') define(`LOCAL_MAILER_FLAGS',`DFMPhfnu9') define(`LOCAL_MAILER_ARGS',`deliver -d $u') define(`confMAILBOX_DATABASE', `pwlike') # sendmail -Am -bv deliverable: mailer local, user test Hooray! I tried to use mail.local and it's -D option but that program seems to be braindead (-D ...

Problems with Sendmail and Dovecot LDA.

wtorek, 5 lutego, 2008

According to the mailertable setup should be as follow: dovecot:dovecot It means: domain mailer:user Well, this setup seems to be incorrect, since you can deliver to username only using local mailer. Therefore I have used Sendmail's feature "local_procmail" to replace default local mailer with Dovecot's deliver: This is what I have configured in ...